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2024-06-21 10:36:01
When Hisui Tatsuta was in middle school, her mother used to joke that she couldn’t wait to see the faces of her future grandchildren. Ms. Tatsuta, now a 24-year-old model in Tokyo, recoiled at the assumption that she would someday give birth. As her body began to develop feminine traits, Ms. Tatsuta took to extreme diet and exercise to forestall the changes. She started to regard herself as genderless. “To be seen as a uterus that can give birth before being seen as a person, I did not like this,” she said. Ultimately, she wants to be sterilized to eliminate any chance of becoming pregnant. Yet in Japan, women who seek sterilization procedures like tubal ligation or hysterectomies must meet conditions that are among the most onerous in the world. They must already have children and prove that pregnancy would endanger their health, and they are required to obtain the...
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-21 01:55:46
Two wildfires continued to burn in southern New Mexico on Thursday despite heavy rain a day earlier, forcing firefighters in the mountains around the village of Ruidoso to contend with a disorienting mix of raging flames and rushing floods. The fast-moving fires have killed two people, burned hundreds of homes and prompted thousands of evacuations. More rain was expected on Thursday night, and though it was helping to control the blazes it also introduced a new danger: flash flooding from overflowing creeks. Already, much of the land around Ruidoso has been either saturated by rain or scarred by fire, which has made the flooding even worse, sending muddy water, heavy with forest debris, rushing across the landscape. “It really only takes one bad storm over a burn scar to produce this kind of catastrophic flooding,” Andrew Mangham, a hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Albuquerque, said on Thursday. The...
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-20 17:40:46
Never anyone’s idea of a heartthrob, he had a chameleon-like ability to be endearing in one role, menacing in another and just plain odd in a third. El Pais
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-20 08:59:22
More than two million people were under a tropical storm warning along the Texas Gulf Coast in the early hours of Thursday as Tropical Storm Alberto, the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, neared the coast of Mexico, bringing intense rain and storm surges. The expansive storm system brought widespread coastal flooding in southern Texas on Wednesday, well before the storm was expected to make landfall. Officials in Mexico said they were cleaning drainage points to prevent flooding, and monitoring the levels of dams, rivers and streams. At least three people were killed in storm-related events in the state of Nuevo León in Mexico, according to local media reports. One teenager was trapped by currents in a river and drowned, and two other minors were electrocuted crossing a pond that was in contact with a live cable, the El Universal newspaper reported, citing local emergency authorities. In Texas,...
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-19 22:34:27
Among them is Charles Willis, 92, who still lives in his childhood home, a modest brick house in the Birmingham suburb of Fairfield, a few blocks from where Mays, his childhood friend, lived. They played together in high school, Willis in center field then and Mays at shortstop. Willis played at Rickwood, too, but just one season. The other day he showed a visitor his baseball card, with a crisp scouting report on the back: “speed with a great arm.” “That was the Black man’s sport, back in the day, baseball,” he said, and Black Barons games were always big events. “If they were in town on Sunday and church service was held, the pastor had to get through the sermon early because if not, the folk are going to leave and go to the ballgame.” Reaf Blue, who played for the Black Barons and Atlanta Black Crackers in the...
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-19 11:10:27
Humanitarian groups have thousands of tons of food, fuel and medicine ready to send to Gaza. That aid is sitting in Egypt, Jordan and Cyprus, just hours away, or less, from the people who need it. But much of it can’t get in. Why? Some problems are typical for a war zone. Aid groups want to protect their workers from bombs and gunfire. Roads and warehouses are destroyed, making the terrain difficult to navigate. But there have been bigger problems: Israel has enforced opaque rules that turn back trucks meant for Gaza, citing security concerns. Egypt has blocked aid to protest Israel’s military operations. Hamas has stolen, or tried to steal, aid shipments for its own use. In other words, the people in charge of allowing aid into Gaza have prioritized their own interests over helping hungry Palestinians. In doing so, they’ve repeatedly made decisions that humanitarian groups can’t overcome....
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-18 23:05:10
On June 1, a short, emotional video popped up on TikTok with news about Sarah Mandel, a 42-year-old psychologist, wife and mother of two young daughters. “If you’re reading these words right now,” the message on the screen said, “then I have died.” She had asked for help in creating the video while in a weakened state after learning that she had little time left. “Only a year ago, I never in a million years would have thought I would want my death announced on social media,” she said in the video. But in the previous year she had found encouragement from the comments she received on TikTok after posting videos about the course and treatment of the advanced, metastatic breast cancer she had been diagnosed with in 2017. And so there she was, delivering the news to the world and a cosmic message to her daughters, Sophie, 10, and...
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-18 11:31:52
A Biden administration plan to sell $18 billion worth of F-15 fighter jets to Israel is moving forward after two top Democratic holdouts in Congress signed off on the deal, according to multiple people familiar with the sale. Representative Gregory W. Meeks of New York, the top Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, who had publicly opposed the transfer by citing Israel’s tactics during its campaign in Gaza, has lifted his hold on the deal, one of the largest U.S. arms sales to Israel in years. Mr. Meeks said that the sale would take years to deliver and that he supported the Biden administration’s plans to hold up the sale of other munitions. “I have been in close touch with the White House and National Security Council about this and other arms cases for Israel, and have repeatedly urged the administration to continue pushing Israel to make significant and concrete...
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-18 01:23:00
Donald J. Trump and Ron DeSantis remade Florida into the red-hot center of the Republican universe, transforming the state into a bastion of power for their party. But now, recent surveys showing a tightening presidential race in Florida have given some Democrats glimmers of hope that they could begin to claw their way back into contention in what was once the most contested of all the battleground states. That movement in public opinion, along with the announcement that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will appear on the ballot in Florida this fall, has injected a fresh sense of unpredictability into the wild world of the state’s politics. And yet some Democrats are engaging in a kind of political magical thinking, flirting with the notion that small signs of improvements mean the state could turn toward their party once again. The reality is much more sobering: Wresting Florida from Republicans’ grip in...
Usa, The New York Times, Inglês
2024-06-17 15:17:20
President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia will visit North Korea this week for a meeting with its leader, Kim Jong-un, their second in nine months, as the two countries deepen military ties to support Mr. Putin’s war in Ukraine with North Korean weapons. Mr. Putin last visited North Korea in 2000, when he became the first Russian or Soviet leader to visit the nation. This week’s trip, beginning on Tuesday, highlights North Korea’s growing strategic importance for Mr. Putin, especially its ability to supply badly needed conventional weapons for the war in Ukraine. Mr. Kim met with Mr. Putin in Russia’s Far East last September, ushering in a new era of relations between the two countries. For Mr. Kim, it was a rare moment of his country, a pariah in the West, being sought after as an ally. For Russia, it’s a strengthening of ties with a country that is...
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