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2024-06-16 06:23:29
Saturday’s IOC statement also listed taekwondo, but that section included no names. “It is absolutely true — none of our taekwondists will perform at the Olympic Games in Paris,” Vadim Ivanov, Russia’s taekwondo head coach told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency. Ukraine’s Sports Minister Matvii Bidnyi welcomed the absence of “outspoken propagandists” from the Games. “The IOC listened to our evidence, which we, together with the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and sports federations, submitted to the IOC,” he said. “We are very grateful for the help of investigative journalists and colleagues from the relevant government agencies in finding and verifying the evidence,” Bidnyi added. After initially banning the two countries’ athletes from world sport following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the IOC adjusted their regulations to allow their participation under a neutral banner, subject to strict conditions and excluding team events. Last March, the IOC said it...
Rússia, The Moscow Times, Inglês
2024-06-15 21:29:29
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Saturday he would present Moscow a proposal for ending the war once it had been agreed by the international community. He made the commitment in Switzerland during an address to an inaugural summit on peace in his country, attended by more than 90 countries, but not Russia. Zelensky told the forum he hoped the summit would lay the groundwork for a “just” and “lasting” settlement with Russia. “We must decide together what a just peace means for the world and how it can be achieved in a lasting way,” he said. “Then it will be communicated to the representatives of Russia, and so that at the second peace summit we can fix the real end of the war,” he added. Zelensky did not say if he was prepared to engage in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin directly. On the eve of the summit, Putin...
Rússia, The Moscow Times, Inglês
2024-06-15 13:26:50
Russian consumers enjoy continued access to Western brands like Nike and Lego thanks to a Dutch businessman who imports them via grey-market methods, Reuters reported Saturday. Wijnand Herinckx, 40, has built a “thriving” business ferrying these brands’ products into Russia after they exited the country in 2022 over the war in Ukraine, Reuters said, citing customs data, corporate records, internal company documents and Herinckx himself. Businesses like his underscore the challenges Western countries face in trying to make Russian consumers feel the isolating impact of the war by cutting them off from popular Western brands like Apple and Zara. “Nike does not want their products to be shipped to Russia,” Reuters quoted Herinckx as saying in a video call. “They are also not telling us not to do it.” Herinckx’s firm purchases these products using intermediaries with no apparent connection to Russia, ships them to Russia, often via Turkey, and finally delivers...
Rússia, The Moscow Times, Inglês
2024-06-15 05:39:54
A dozen Ukrainian children who were being held in Russian-occupied territory have been returned to parts of the country controlled by Kyiv, a regional official said Friday. Kyiv has accused Moscow of abducting almost 20,000 children from parts of the east and south of Ukraine, while many more have found themselves living under Russian control after troops invaded in February 2022. “Twelve children were returned to territory controlled by Ukraine,” Kherson region Governor Oleksandr Prokudin said on Telegram. Three boys and nine girls — ages 2-17 — were transferred from parts of the southern Kherson region that are under the control of Russian forces. news Putin Says Ukraine Must Withdraw Troops, End NATO Bid for Peace Talks Read more Kyiv has made returning the children to Ukrainian-controlled territory one of its top diplomatic priorities. Moscow has said it moved some Ukrainian children away from their homes or orphanages that were close to the...
Rússia, The Moscow Times, Inglês
2024-06-14 21:46:26
Relatives of mobilized Russian soldiers campaigning for their loved ones’ return from Ukraine have called on the authorities to replace these men with the sons of Russian officials and media personalities. “We demand to replace our men with other quite specific men: the children and husbands of those who tell our citizens from the screens that war is good,” the Put Domoi (“Way Home”) movement, which has organized women-led protests across the country calling for a full demobilization, wrote on its Telegram channel Friday. “We can make a list long enough to replace every mobilized person,” the statement said. The list includes the sons of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin-loyal TV host Vladimir Solovyev and former President Dmitry Medvedev. “Something tells us that such a rotation will quickly put an end to all hostilities,” Put Domoi said. Earlier this month, a group of women staged a protest outside the Defense...
Rússia, The Moscow Times, Inglês
2024-06-14 13:41:16
Russian law enforcement authorities on Friday launched a criminal investigation into a shelling attack in eastern Ukraine that killed a cameraman and injured a war correspondent working for the pro-government NTV television channel. NTV cameraman Valery Kozhin died in the hospital on Thursday after reportedly coming under attack near the Russian-occupied city of Horlivka in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region. His colleague, TV journalist Alexey Ivliev, and an accompanying Russian military officer were also injured in the shelling. “Doctors kept [Kozhin] alive for several hours, but the injuries ended up being fatal,” NTV said in a statement, adding that the cameraman started working at the television channel in 2006 and had been on reporting trips in Syria and parts of occupied Ukraine. Russia’s Investigative Committee, which probes major crimes, said it was treating Kozhin’s death as murder, as well as a case of “obstruction of the legitimate professional activities of journalists.” “As...
Rússia, The Moscow Times, Inglês
2024-06-14 03:45:18
Major banks in the Central Asia republic of Kyrgyzstan have suspended money transfers to and from Russia amid exchange rate volatility and issues with payment systems, state-run media reported on Thursday. RSK Bank, Kyrgyzstan’s second-largest lender, said the Astrasend, Contact, Zolotaya Korona and Sberbank Online money transfer systems were temporarily down due to technical problems. Kyrgyzkommertsbank and Kompanion Bank said the Unistream transfer system was also down. Kyrgyzstan’s Mbank, meanwhile, announced restrictions on ruble conversions “[d]ue to the volatility of the exchange rate and possible sharp fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.” However, the bank added that clients’ ruble-denominated accounts were safe. Bai-Tushum and DemirBank also suspended their ruble-dollar conversion services, owing to exchange rate volatility.   The money transfer suspensions in Kyrgyzstan come a day after Washington revealed a new raft of sanctions to hinder Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine, including restrictions against the Moscow Exchange, which on Thursday halted...
Rússia, The Moscow Times, Inglês
2024-06-13 19:04:59
Russians on the streets of Moscow are shrugging off a fresh round of U.S. sanctions that forced the country’s largest exchange to halt dollar and euro trade on Thursday, with some arguing that they have no need for Western currencies. “Given that we [already] have sanctions and there are basically no trips abroad, we don’t need dollars or euros,” Yegor Danilov, a 36-year-old engineer, told AFP on Thursday, dismissing the impact the new sanctions would have on Russia. Although the Moscow Exchange suspended dollar and euro trade, companies and individuals in Russia will still be able to buy and sell the currencies through lenders, and the Russian Central Bank has assured that all deposits in dollars and euros will be safe. But the move does stop deals from going through a centralized exchange, pushing transactions into less liquid markets, such as direct bank-to-bank agreements or through specialized brokers and market...
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2024-06-12 22:35:03
The United States on Wednesday announced a raft of new sanctions aimed at constraining Moscow’s ability to wage war on Ukraine while raising the stakes for foreign banks that still do business with Russia. The Treasury Department and State Department’s sanctions impacted more than 300 targets, including entities in Russia and countries like China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Those designated include the Moscow Exchange and several subsidiaries, a move set to complicate billions of dollars in transactions, as well as entities involved in three liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects. “Today’s actions strike at their remaining avenues for international materials and equipment, including their reliance on critical supplies from third countries,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement. “We are increasing the risk for financial institutions dealing with Russia’s war economy and eliminating paths for evasion, and diminishing Russia’s ability to benefit from access to foreign technology, equipment,...
Rússia, The Moscow Times, Inglês
2024-06-12 12:54:59
Moscow has called for the immediate release of a Russian woman arrested in Denmark on suspicion of espionage, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Wednesday, accusing Copenhagen of “persecution.” Danish authorities announced Tuesday that a Russian citizen had been arrested on suspicion of “enabling a foreign intelligence service to operate in Denmark.” They did not reveal the woman’s identity. The Russian embassy in Copenhagen “demanded from the Danish authorities the immediate release of our fellow countrywoman,” Zakharova said in a statement. She added that Copenhagen had provided “no evidence” of the woman’s “unlawful activity” and said Russians and those with pro-Russia views are “subjected to reprisals” in Denmark. news Denmark Arrests Suspected Russian Spy Read more The unidentified woman’s detention comes as several other Western countries have recently arrested Russian citizens on suspicion of espionage. Danish intelligence services said the Russian woman was expected to be released after questioning, but...
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