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Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-12 03:56:48
McKeeva Bush (file photo) (CNS): Nevron Bradshaw, the lead detective on the historic sexual assault case against former premier McKeeva Bush (69), told the court that when he had cautioned and then charged him with rape, the politician had said, “All I have to say is that the truth will come out.” When Bush was arrested in connection with the allegations and interviewed, he had answered ‘no comment’ throughout, except to tell the police that he did not know the woman making the allegation, had never gone anywhere with her and that the incident never happened. Giving evidence on Wednesday, Detective Constable Bradshaw, the last of the crown witnesses, said that after the accusation had been made, he had spoken with some members of the PPM believed to have been at the event at a George Town bar where, according to Bush’s accuser, she was asked to drive Bush home...
Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-11 23:31:04
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Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-11 18:20:11
OfReg CEO Sonji Myles (CNS): Following backlash about the CUC base rate hike this summer, OfReg CEO Sonji Myles has said the utilities regulator had no choice but to approve the annual rate hike because it complied with the conditions of the licence. However, he said that OfReg had blocked a proposal by the power provider that would have imposed another 3% to 4% increase on bills for residential customers. CUC had submitted an application seeking approval to “rebalance” its consumer class rates, but OfReg refused because it would have seen commercial customers’ rates go down and residential customers’ go up with no apparent rationale. In a press statement about the public concern over the recent increase in already costly power bills, Myles explained that it is not possible for OfReg to reject CUC’s annual base rate increase, but he said the time had come to address the conditions of...
Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-11 18:06:09
Department of Environment personnel are still assessing the damage to the shallow sea bed off the north eastern shore of Cayman Brac caused by the Sea Elephant oil tanker when it ran aground over the weekend. Damage caused by fuel tanker still being assessed Facebook
Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-11 09:12:02
Blue Iguana hatchlings, July 2024 (photo credit: National Trust for the Cayman Islands) (CNS): The first blue iguana hatchlings for this season emerged from eggs that the Blue Iguana Conservation (BIC) team had rescued from a nest that was at risk of being lost to flooding last week as Hurricane Beryl headed for the Cayman Islands. The blue iguanas in the captive breeding programme have begun laying eggs, but the first to hatch were the ones recovered from outside the facility, which had been laid by an iguana released about three years ago. Those eggs had been placed in incubators with the others, which gave them a better chance of survival. Heavy rainfall and flooding can put nests in the wild at risk, leading to a lower survival rate. BIC Assistant Manager Joseph Jamieson said in a press release that using incubators and monitoring the eggs and the hatchlings had...
Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-11 01:47:42
(CNS): Police have arrested a 23-year-old man from Bodden Town on suspicion of wounding after he was accused of stabbing another man following a business-related dispute. On Tuesday evening, the wounded man, who had multiple stab wounds to his leg and back, was transported in a private car to the hospital, where he was treated and later released for non-life-threatening injuries. It was reported that he had attended another man’s home to discuss business when a dispute began between the two men. The RCIPS said in a release that the assailant had used a “bladed weapon to stab the victim several times”. The suspect remains in custody pending further investigation. Tags: stabbing, violent crime Category: Crime, Police
Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-10 23:30:38
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Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-10 22:30:06
An explosion of young Caymanian talent recently took centre stage for the annual Talent Xposition of the Arts at the Harquail Theatre. Talent Xposition of the Arts provides audience ‘Tranquility’ Facebook
Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-10 17:14:40
Hurricane Beryl, satellite view on 2 July (source: NOAA) (CNS): As Beryl continued on her strange, record-breaking journey on Tuesday, the hurricane experts at Colorado State University announced that they have slightly increased their forecast “and continue to call for an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season in 2024”. The well-known forecasting team pointed to the very high sea surface temperatures across the development region for hurricanes in the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean as one of the main factors. In April, the CSU Tropical Weather and Climate Research unit predicted at least 23 named storms but are now saying there could be 25, three of which have already formed: Alberto, Beryl and Chris. CSU is forecasting that twelve of these 25 storms will become hurricanes, six of them category 3 or more, including Beryl, the first of those major hurricanes. Over the remaining five months of the storm season, the team...
Ilhas Cayman, Cayman Compass, Inglês
2024-07-10 16:21:03
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