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2024-07-12 02:10:30
MADRID (Reuters) – Francisco Carrillo sobbed with relief as he lay on the bed in his new apartment in Madrid provided by a charity after three years of sleeping rough in the backroom of a theatre. The 62-year-old pensioner found he couldn’t afford rental prices in the capital when he moved from Jaen in southern Spain to seek treatment for throat cancer. “Tonight, I’m going to sleep like a baby,” he said. Carrillo is one of a growing number of Spaniards who have found themselves priced out of the market amid a shortage of social housing and regulations that deter long-term rentals. The situation has been exacerbated by a boom in holiday lets on platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.com, which has spurred a wave of protests across the country in recent weeks. The rate of homelessness has risen by 24% since 2012 to 28,000 people, according to official statistics...
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2024-07-11 16:41:06
Doctor Raijeli Taga is a trailblazer in the field of science and a dedicated advocate for community development. She hails from Beqa and spent her formative years navigating the diverse landscapes of both urban life and traditional Fijian values in Suva. “I was raised in Nabua. My dad was a welder and mum stayed at home to look after the four of us. I am the eldest and we all have our individual lives and families” said Dr Taga. Driven by an innate curiosity and a natural inclination towards science, Dr Taga excelled academically throughout her schooling years and later graduated from Dudley High School. “After completing high school, I enrolled at USP where I did my undergrade studies. “I wanted to do something scientific but different from being a nurse, doctor, or medical person. So I joined the mineral resources department, with lands ministry — that was the turning...
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2024-07-11 07:49:22
Ba sugarcane farmer Arvind Singh is calling on the Government to build a modern sugar mill for Viti Levu as a solution to the constant breakdown of mills in Lautoka and Ba. The regular breakdown of Ba’s Rarawai mill has resulted in more than 100 lorry drivers parked outside the facility since last week. “As a farmer, I’m very concerned about the sugar mill and this is not a new problem, but an ongoing issue from years and years,” Mr Singh said. “When the crushing season starts, the mill breaks down. I think the time has come for the Government and the minister to look into it very seriously and build a new mill, that is the only solution. “A new modern mill so that this problem will be resolved forever. “Because this mill is very old, we do the patching every year. This mill cannot survive.” Mr Singh said...
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2024-07-11 00:29:33
Fiji Football under-16 coach Sunil Kumar shares insights into their intense preparations and the team’s readiness for the OFC U16 Championship in Tahiti from July 28 to August 10. Coach Kumar acknowledges the pressure the young players face but remains confident in their ability to manage it. “It’s pressure time for the boys, and we know we have to handle this pressure,” he said. “We’ve been doing two sessions on some days. The boys are going to school, so on the days we have two sessions, they train early in the morning before school and again in the afternoon,” Kumar said. The team’s camaraderie is a significant factor in their preparation. Kumar stressed the strong team bonding in the camp. “The boys are gelling in well and we have four overseas base players. “It hasn’t been hard for the players to gel in and prepare. Everyone has come together very...
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2024-07-10 15:16:04
Thirty-six staff of Rajendra Foodtown Supermarket were awarded for their long service during their 60th anniversary celebration and 80th birthday of its founder in Lautoka last week. Chief executive officer Gitanjali Prasad said the celebrations was an important day for her professionally and personally. “Today (June 25) marks my father, Mr Rajendra Prasad’s 80th birthday,” she said. “In addition, we are celebrating 60 years of his existence in the business, a company that he founded along with his cousin — 60 years ago on January 6, 1964.” Business executives and stakeholders were also present to witness the celebrations. RPT
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2024-07-10 04:30:18
GENEVA (Reuters) – The recent deaths of several more children from malnutrition in the Gaza Strip indicate that famine has spread throughout the enclave, a group of independent human rights experts mandated by the United Nations said on Tuesday. Gaza health authorities say at least 33 children have died of malnutrition, mostly in northern areas which had until recently faced the brunt of the Israeli military campaign launched after the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel. Since early May, the war has spread to southern Gaza, hitting aid flows into the enclave amid restrictions by Israel, which has accused U.N. agencies of failing to distribute supplies efficiently. In Tuesday’s statement, the group of 11 rights experts cited the deaths of three children aged 13, 9-years-old and six months from malnutrition in the southern area of Khan Younis and the central area of Deir Al-Balah since the end of May....
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2024-07-09 17:59:05
IN Government’s 2024-2025 National Budget announced last month, it will be borrowing a total of $984.6million.Of that amount, $635.5m will go towards financing its budget shortfall, called the “net deficit” in national budget speak, while $349.1m will go towards debt repayments, or the settling of maturing debt and payment of interests for those that have yet to mature. This is a borrowing exercise that will take the total national debt to $10.91billion by July 2025, according to budget documents. However, it’s not one that is done in a haphazard way. Nor does it involve Government going to a bank and getting served as a prime customer. The Fiji Times approached former Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) governor Savenaca Narube to explain this process, given the central role that RBF plays in the process of Government borrowing. FT: Deficit explained…Mr Narube: When there is a deficit, it needs to be financed...
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2024-07-09 06:44:14
CAIRO (Reuters) – Hamas accused Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday of putting obstacles in front of ceasefire negotiations amid talks aimed at reaching a deal to end the war in Gaza. The group called on mediators to intervene and stop what it called “manipulations and crimes” by Netanyahu, in a statement on its Telegram account. Netanyahu said on Sunday that any Gaza ceasefire deal must allow Israel to resume fighting until its objectives are met. On Monday, Israeli tanks advanced into the heart of Gaza City after a night of bombardments which Gaza authorities said had killed dozens, even as multi-national negotiations for a ceasefire deal intensified. “While the Hamas movement demonstrates flexibility and positivity to facilitate reaching an agreement to halt the Zionist aggression, Netanyahu is placing additional obstacles in the way of negotiations as he escalates his aggression and crimes against our people,” the group said....
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2024-07-08 20:36:54
There’s a large drug network at play involving illegal deportees from other countries and criminal enterprises on both sides of the Pacific. Assistant Police Commissioner Sakeo Ganivatu said following the drug bust in Nadi this year, concerns were raised about where these illicit drugs were coming from and who the local facilitators were. ACP Ganivatu said a large drug network was involved. “Some deported individuals from other countries are running this network,” he said. “It includes criminal enterprises on both sides of the Pacific with Mexican cartels, some American cartels, Australian organised crime and New Zealand organised crime and USA-based with links through criminal deportees. These are large networks with a strong foundation.” ACP Ganivatu said these networks were run by intelligent masterminds. “They are very smart, intelligent people, and they have degrees, including PhD’s and master’s. “Which is why it is important that we work together to combat this...
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2024-07-08 10:43:22
Following the announcement of the 2024-2025 National Budget last month, the board of the Reserve Bank has approved further relaxation of exchange controls, effective next month (see table right). While announcing the new measures, RBF Governor Ariff Ali said the changes are aimed at supporting economic activity and operational efficiency by making foreign exchange payments more convenient for businesses. “The changes also attempt to achieve the exchange control delegations that were in place pre-pandemic, before the bank tightened exchange controls as a precautionary measure to protect foreign reserves,” Mr Ali said. RPT
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