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South Korea’s 22nd parliamentary election is now over. On Apr. 10, the same day as the South Korean election, Kim Jong Un paid a visit to the Kim Jong Il Military and Political Academy. Kim addressed the future military commanders and anti-South commandos in training, emphasizing that “now is the time to be more thoroughly prepared for a war than ever before.” Revisions to North Korea’s constitution – a process which pushed back the scheduled March elections and April convention of the 15th Supreme People’s Committee – appear to be wrapping up. In early 2024, Kim formally rejected the idea of reunification and a common Korean people (minjok). As these revisions make their way into the constitution, Kim’s “great change” (division with South Korea and a willingness to go to war) will likely accelerate from here on out. The current state of affairs Experts in South Korea and around the...
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” />North Korea has less malnutritioned children than India and Indonesia states Rutgers professor of Korean History Suzy Kim dispelling various myths about North Korea: Facebook
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North Korean soldiers (DPRK Today) The General Staff Department of the North Korean military has issued a surprise telegram to the entire army explaining the combat situation and calling for a one-month emergency mobilization. It appears that the military authorities are trying to tighten combat discipline, which has become lax with the end of winter training. Speaking on condition of anonymity for security reasons, a Daily NK source in the North Korean military said the General Staff Department issued the order on Apr. 7. The telegraphed order called for a one-month emergency mobilization starting from Apr. 9 and set out combat conditions, with the Combat Training Bureau of the General Staff Department saying the aim was to once again test the readiness and responsiveness of each unit. The source said the General Staff Department wanted to keep the military on its toes as soldiers slack off on their military duties...
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FILE PHOTO: A sentry post on the Sino-North Korean border in Sakju County, North Pyongan Province. (Daily NK) North Korean defectors living in Shenyang, in China’s Liaoning Province, have been receiving phone calls from local Ministry of Public Security officials warning of forced repatriations to North Korea if they are caught traveling to South Korea, Daily NK has learned. “Since last month, local Chinese police officers have been warning North Korean defectors not to travel to South Korea by using excessive and frightening language,” a source in China told Daily NK on Apr. 4, speaking on condition of anonymity. “This has been discouraging for defectors who dream of making it to South Korea.” According to the source, police officers called defectors on a watch list and told them that “those who are caught trying to go to South Korea will be forcibly repatriated to North Korea with no exceptions, and...
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A meeting between Kim Jong Un and his military leaders on Dec. 31, 2023, as reported by state-run media on Jan. 1, 2024 (Rodong Sinmun – News1) Editor’s Note: In Sep. 2021, North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly adopted the “Youth Education Guarantee Act,” one of the “big three” oppressive laws passed during the COVID-19 period. The law concretely defines a number of behaviors that young people must not engage in and obligates the government to control and crack down on these behaviors. Is this issue of youth education so grave that legal remedies are truly necessary? In a new series, Daily NK investigates how the lifestyles and ways of thinking among the MZ generation (early 1980s-early 2000s) compare to previous generations of North Koreans. Article 41 (What Youth Must Not Do) of the “Youth Education Guarantee Act” prohibits North Korean youths from “using the pretext of family problems or illness...
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FILE PHOTO: A DVD and mp4 player used in North Korea. (Daily NK) Despite heavy crackdowns by North Korean authorities on the viewing of South Korean media, young people are finding various ways to continue watching it under the noses of the government. “Enforcers from the Sinuiju Task Force against Anti-Socialist and Non-Socialist Behavior have been closely watching for signs of illegal video viewing, conducting two or three searches of residents’ homes every day. But young people are using notetels to avoid detection when watching illegal media,” a source in North Pyongan Province told Daily NK on Monday, speaking on condition of anonymity. Notetel, short for “notebook television,” is a Chinese-made portable media player that is widely used in North Korea. One feature of notetels is that they can play a wide range of media files stored on compact discs (CDs), SD cards and USB flash drives. This has inspired...
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Tupolev Tu-204-300 of Air Koryo at Vladivostok Airport. Photo taken in 2013 (Wikimedia Commons) North Korea recently sent workers to the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine to help with reconstruction efforts, Daily NK has learned. Speaking on condition of anonymity, as source in North Korea told Daily NK on Thursday that about 150 new North Korean workers were sent to the Donbass last January. A first group of workers flew from Pyongyang to Vladivostok on Air Koryo and then traveled to Donbass via Moscow. The rest of the workers traveled from Vladivostok to Volgograd and then on to the Donbass. The workers were divided into three workplaces under North Korea’s External Construction Guidance Bureau and the Ministry of Social Security, the source said. The North Korean workers are currently helping to rebuild various structures in the Donbass, including houses, schools and shopping centers. Russians are also involved in the reconstruction...
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On Jan. 6, 2024, Rodong Sinmun reported that central government agencies transported scrap metal to the Cheollima Steeworks the previous day (Jan. 5). (Rodong Sinmun-News1) Kim Jong Un’s ambitious 20×10 regional development plan is already running into problems. In addition to the shortage of common materials such as cement and wood, there is also a serious shortage of steel reinforcing bars. On Apr. 4, a source inside the country said that rebar production at the Kaechon Steel Works in South Pyongan Province and the Nampo Steel Works has been declining due to the depletion of scrap metal compared with the rising demand for steel products. Considering that North Koreans of all ages, sexes and occupations – from seven-year-old children to the elderly – are required to fill scrap metal quotas, a shortage of scrap metal in North Korea seems unlikely to this writer. In short, it indicates that the mobilization...