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2024-07-12 08:43:13
PUTRAJAYA, July 12 — The Budget 2025 is expected to be tabled in Parliament on October 18, Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil said today. He said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had previously instructed Cabinet ministers to hold engagement sessions with relevant stakeholders. “The Prime Minister has recently held a dialogue session with ministers and has directed that all ministers conduct dialogue sessions with relevant stakeholders for their respective ministries. Advertisement “This is important as the Budget 2025 will be presented in Parliament … God-willing the Prime Minister’s third Budget will be tentatively on October 18,” Fahmi told reporters at his ministry today. More to come. Advertisement Source link
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2024-07-12 08:42:45
Seramai 20 pekerja perkhidmatan pembersihan menuntut bayaran gaji mereka selama empat bulan dilunaskan segera selepas tertunggak sehingga kini. Berita penuh: Facebook
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2024-07-11 22:34:35
GAZA, July 11 – Residents of Gaza City were trapped in houses and bodies lay uncollected in the streets under an intense new Israeli assault on Thursday, even as Washington pushed for a peace deal at talks in Egypt and Qatar. Hamas militants say a heavy Israeli assault on Gaza City this week could wreck efforts to finally end the war just as negotiations have entered the home stretch. Home to more than a quarter of Gaza’s residents before the war, Gaza City was destroyed during the first weeks of fighting last year, but hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have returned to homes in the ruins. They have now once again been ordered out by the Israeli military. The Gaza health ministry said it had reports of people trapped and others killed inside their houses in the Tel Al Hawa and Sabra districts of Gaza City, and rescuers could not...
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2024-07-11 16:52:24
Dapatkan naskhah #BH hari ini di pasaran atau muat turun #BHDigital di Facebook
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2024-07-11 13:20:51
PARIS, July 11 — French left-wingers attacked President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday after he called for a broad coalition government, demanding that their movement alone should propose a prime minister. No single force won Sunday’s second-round vote outright, though a broad alliance of Socialists, Communists, Greens and the hard-left France Unbowed (LFI) won the most seats, with 193 in the 577-strong National Assembly. With no overall majority, the result left France rudderless at home, where it will host the Olympic Games in just over two weeks, and weakened abroad, where President Emmanuel Macron was in Washington for a Nato summit focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In an open letter to voters, Macron said Wednesday that “nobody won” the ballot. Advertisement He has left centrist Prime Minister Gabriel Attal in place and called on parties to find common ground for a broad coalition. Socialist Party chief Olivier Faure accused Macron...
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2024-07-11 12:44:30
#BHbisnes Antara 10 sekolah terbaik di peringkat kebangsaan untuk keputusan SPM, terkenal dengan kecemerlangan pencapaian akademik dan kokurikulum sejak penubuhannya pada 1995. Hektar REIT beli Kolej Yayasan Saad Melaka pada harga RM148.5 juta | Berita Harian Facebook
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2024-07-11 05:13:53
KAWASAKI, July 11 — Japanese eSports gamer Mashiro is blind and often relies on a companion to get around Tokyo — but he hopes that artificial intelligence, hailed as a promising tool for people with disabilities, can help him travel alone. The 26-year-old Street Fighter player put the latest version of AI chatbot ChatGPT to the test on his way to a stadium for a recent Para eSports meet-up. “I can’t participate in an event like this without someone to rely on,” he told AFP. “Also, sometimes I just want to get around by myself without speaking to other people. “So if I can use technology like ChatGPT to design my own special needs support, that would be great.” Advertisement This year, the US firm OpenAI released GPT-4o, which understands voice, text and image commands in several languages. The generative gadget, along with others such as Google’s Gemini, is part...
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2024-07-11 05:08:03
#BHhiburan Masih aktif menyanyi, kini uruskan Bobo KL dan beri ruang pemuzik buat persembahan di lokasi kecil Sean Ghazi tak kisah kurang menyerlah | Berita Harian Facebook
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2024-07-10 21:42:42
GEORGE TOWN, July 10 — A high-speed police chase through the streets of Bayan Lepas this morning left a trail of damaged vehicles before police finally arrested a 36-year-old van driver. The chase ended when officers fired a shot at the van’s front tyre as the driver attempted to ram the pursuing policemen. South-west district police chief Supt Kamarul Rizal Jenal said a team of traffic police was conducting an operation along Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway at about 8am today when they noticed a suspicious-looking van. When the policemen tried to stop the vehicle, the driver sped off. Advertisement This led to a high-speed 5km-long pursuit from the expressway onto Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim in Bayan Lepas. “The suspect tried to ram the policemen in pursuit so a shot was fired at the van’s front tyre, causing it to veer off the road and come to a stop,”...
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2024-07-10 11:22:21
BEIJING, July 10 — A man has been caught trying to smuggle over 100 live snakes into mainland China by cramming them into his trousers, according to the country’s customs authority. The unnamed traveller was stopped by customs officers as he sought to slip out of semi-autonomous Hong Kong and into the border city of Shenzhen, China Customs said in a statement on Tuesday. “Upon inspection, customs officers discovered that the pockets of the trousers the passenger was wearing were packed with six canvas drawstring bags and sealed with tape,” the statement said. “Once opened, each bag was found to contain living snakes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours,” it added. Advertisement The statement said officers seized 104 of the scaly reptiles, including milk snakes and corn snakes, many of which were non-native species. An accompanying video showed two border agents peering into transparent plastic bags filled with...
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